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TFS Work Items user name comments

I am using TFS to add work items. I am often using comments (Acceptance Criteria). is there a way for visual studio to automatically add my username and current date to the comment? Thanks!

Having trouble with making selenium work in no console mode on windows 7(pyinstaller compiled)

I’m trying to distribute a pyinstaller bundled python app which is a program controling selenium webdriver to do some routines, and I got [Error 6] The handle is invalid when trying to compile them with –noconsole. What do I do … Continue reading

Why does this C++ program work in some compilers but not others? What is the major difference between c++ compilers?

I have written this program for my class. I have found it compiles and runs just fine with the GNU g++ compiler. My professor auto-grades our programs from his website, which uses the Microsoft Visual Studio compiler and it throws … Continue reading

problem getting a template website mailhandler contact form to work

trying to get contact form to send information to my gmail account. not sure were I’m fouled up. Here is my html code:

mongoldb update() wouldn’t work

First I created the mongoose schema: var cardSchema = mongoose.Schema({ **userId: String, imageUrl: String** }) Then I defined model: var Card = mongoose.model(‘Card’, cardSchema) Then I created a new card: var newCard = new Card({ **userId: “bablaba”** }); Then the … Continue reading