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Convert existing website to HTML5 CSS3 to work in all devices.

1. Single page site only to be converted, all text, metatags, headers etc to stay exactly as is. 2. New site to work across all browsers (including IE), tablets, mobiles (android and Iphone) etc using HTML5 and CSS3 (current site … Continue reading

Getting height to work with html/css tabs

Hi, I am trying to use content tabs to make some pages on the website cleaner/easier to navigate. The problem I am having with this is getting the height to automatically adjust (ie if I set a specific height it’s … Continue reading

Is it possible to pass user input when launching a Haskell program in Leksah ? I’ve tried two different approaches and none of them work

Question : Is it possible to run a program in Leksah and enter user input ? If yes, how ? Reason for asking: I tried two different ways to run a program in Leksah and enter user input and both … Continue reading

Can someone have a look to see why this code wont work?

So basically what I am trying to do here is to set myself remainders for 5 different breaks I have at office. I am tryign to get this work but it does not seem to. Can someone have a look … Continue reading

getElementsByClassName didn’t work but getElementById why?

Alright, I doing something that if something happened a button will show up.(button is displayed:none; originally). At first I used Code: ——— document.getElementsByClassName(“playAgain”).style.display = “initial”; ——— and I kept on getting this error Code: