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contracting out work

So recently I have too much work too handleon my own. But I love meeting with the clients and that whole process is just a thrill. So recently ive started setting up contracts then contracting them out to people I … Continue reading

jQuery Cant get validation to work

Hi all, I’m having a hard time trying to get this code to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am trying to accomplish the follow with the code below: 1. User enters web page (Start Free Trial | … Continue reading

HTML5 audio player buttons do not work

I got the play button to play and the volume up and volume down button work but the pause button and the stop button aren’t working. Also it doesn’t work in Chrome, but works in Firefox and Internet Explorer. So … Continue reading

PHP code does not work within HTML style tag

I’m trying to make my sub category looks different when it’s selected, for that I’ve used sub_cat variable in my php. So value of $sub_cat depends on the page that loads. On the top I’ve this code: if(!empty($_GET['sub_cat'])){ $sub_cat=$_GET['sub_cat']; } … Continue reading

Re: PHP code required, easy work.

*1)* Project Details: (be as specific as possible): Hello PHP coders. I need someone for custom work. I will pay via PayPal. I need woocommerce changelog grabber. I will put changelogs for all plugins and if go to address for … Continue reading