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How to make waterfall. js responsive grid work?

Hello, I created a very basic grid layout with html / css and i followed the waterfall.js (http://dfcreative.github.io/projects/waterfall/) instructions, exactly as mentioned on their website, but still the responsive grid is not working, can someone please tell me what i … Continue reading

How can i make this jquery bookmarklet to work on any other wordpress installation

Hello Around a month ago, i got a custom bookmarklet coded for my wordpress blog and i think it is somehow connected to my current wordpress installtion which is on [labs4 dot imvges dot xyz] and i am unable to … Continue reading

Charles cannot work with VPN?

If I start Charles first, it works fine. If I then open my VPN, VPN starts to work, but Charles stop working. As I understand, VPN and Charles are all network proxy, so only one of them can be the … Continue reading

Can’t get the Edit record part to work

I hope this is the correct area and not the PHP area, not sure. Anyway in trying to learn about PHP & Mysql databases I found a tutorial and everything is working except the Edit records code. Since I am … Continue reading

DOM Manipulation doesnt work and i don’t know why.

Hey all, First of all, sorry for my bad English, it’s not my native language. I have a mind numbing problem in my online course from the website udemy “The Web Developer Bootcamp” by Colt Steele. I’m a third through … Continue reading