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Custom Field not displaying on the post on wordpress

Hello, I have a created a custom field in a post by the name test_custom. I have added the following in functions.php. I have the following questions. 1. Where is this print_r supposed to print the result? 2. My custom … Continue reading

How to block spam commenting in my word-press blog?

How to block spam commenting in my word-press blog? please someone share own thought and idea to stop spam commenting in my word-press blog. This is my Blog https://blog.seomartweb.com There are no. of comments occurred daily but not increasing visiting … Continue reading

How to display database table on WordPress page?

I created a database name:’upsdatabase’,table name:’upstable’ in phpmyadmin using wamp server. I have four columns. I created upsTest.php for display the table on browser.It’s displaying correctly but I want to display on wordpress page how to display Please help me.

jQuery . setCustomValidity not working with WordPress get_search_form()

I am using the get_search_form() function of WordPress to get an search form. This is my search form: $form = ‘<form role=”search” class=”overlay-search-form” method=”get” action=”‘ . esc_url( home_url( ‘/’ ) ) . ‘”> <input class=”overlay-search-input” id=”search” name=”s” required title=”minimaal 3 … Continue reading

Help Creating Transparent Overlay – CSS3 and WordPress

Hi, I’m a junior frontend developer working on my WordPress website, Front Page – Big Cat Web Design (http://www.bigcatwebdesign.com.au) using the WooThemes Canvas (theme). I’m trying to create a transparent overlay effect on all of the grey area of the … Continue reading