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Elegant way to check if either value in a Tuple is Nil

I would like to know if anyone has a more elegant way to check if either of the values in a Tuple are Nil in Swift? Currently I’m checking like this: var credentials = CredentialHelper.getCredentials() //returns a tuple of two … Continue reading

System. String[] will be displayed instead of value on pdfsharp?

I am using pdfsharp to create pdf. I have got a big text value, so that its not fit into my table column. So that I have tried split function. But the value printed on pdf is System.String[]. Here is … Continue reading

Xpath Count and get value between two Nodes

HTML Snippet: <tbody> <tr class = “a”> ***<th class = “one”>*** <th style = “123″> <tr class = “a”> <td class = “two”> <td style = “123″> <td style = “456″> <tr class = “a”> ***<th class = “one”>*** <th … Continue reading

set Null to value when use Is null in where

I get this table : enter link description here I use this where : where FoodID=1 when i Change My where with this : where FoodID=1 and DayId=1 or DayId is null Filed dayid value change to null for All … Continue reading

WPF Toolkit PieChart DataPoint color bound to independent value

I am trying to style a PieChart’s PieDataPoint such that the Background property is bound to the value of the IndependentValue. I tried doing this using DataTrigger. <ControlTemplate x:Key=”PieDataPointControlTemplate” TargetType=”chart:PieDataPoint”> <Grid> <Path x:Name=”Slice” Data=”{TemplateBinding Geometry}” Fill=”{TemplateBinding Background}” Stroke=”{TemplateBinding BorderBrush}”> <ToolTipService.ToolTip> … Continue reading