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How to calculate the value of px for adding it in css from the data provided below?

https://i.stack.imgur.com/0K2TD.png Total width for the bar = 500px Red box = 1 yellow box = 1 green box = 2 From this i need to calculate the px for the Redbox,YellowBox and green Box.

Getting the maximum value from a query

So, I need to find the most common customer First Name of all customers whose home address is in in Australia using the AdventureWorks Database (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms124438(v=sql.100).aspx). The code I have below gives me the answer i need (“Lacey” used 25 … Continue reading

How do I insert a toggle switch value into database

I have a couple of toggle switches: one with Yes/No option and the other with Delivery/Purchase option. I know that you can use the ControlName.Checked but that just inserts True or False. How do I do this when these are … Continue reading

My function is not returning any value

Hi, I am trying to check file extension. For this I have created a function but it is not returning any value. I really can’t figure out where I am wrong. Below is the code : function checkType($name){ $farray = … Continue reading

Beginner Question: Updating a Value in a Database

I’m trying to make a practice website, so that I can learn PHP with some hands-on experience. I’m wanting to update a blank column in the database for the logged-in user, but it’s not doing anything: “UPDATE users SET age … Continue reading