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searching for a string value pair in json object using mysql

I have a json object in my database table field like following : [{"user_id":"xyz","viewed":"false","answered":"false","denied":"false"}]. the other fields are id, q_id and stuff. I want to search for the user xyz in the table!how can i do that using mysql?

Sports Arbitrage And Value Betti

I require a bot which can either use similar to RebelBetting software or scrape from websites such as Betburgur or oddsportal arbitrage opportunes and automatically place the arbitrage bets on two or more bookmaker websites accounts or just 1 side … Continue reading

Why doesn’t GCC’s std::function internally use rvalue references for arguments passed by value?

First, consider the following code: #include <iostream> #include <functional> struct Noisy { Noisy() { std::cout << “Noisy()” << std::endl; } Noisy(const Noisy&) { std::cout << “Noisy(const Noisy&)” << std::endl; } Noisy(Noisy&&) { std::cout << “Noisy(Noisy&&)” << std::endl; } ~Noisy() { … Continue reading

Send php Variable To Return Value Objective-C

Have this issue with a specific problem that im trying to solve. I have a textlabel on my story that id like to assign to a specific value depending on the user who is logged in and the specific “exercise” … Continue reading

Calc value is always formatted as decimal even when format text?

More calc issues. I have integers in a cell and no matter how I format, the value is always wrong. Cell is: 890126010374369000000000 but when you select it, you can see the value is: 8.90126010374369E+023 I can’t copy these cells … Continue reading