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Filter for every array that contains value in any of its values?

I have a array: { “website”: “www.aaa.aaa”, “score”: 90, “tags”: [ "Video Online"] }, { “website”: “www.bbb.bbb”, “score”: 90, “tags”: ["Streaming Video"] } { “website”: “www.ccc.ccc”, “score”: 90, “tags”: ["Video"] } I want filter tag with ‘Video’ for this array. … Continue reading

jquery autocomplete not returning value val()

source shoud be link /search/sam my code should return the input value such as ‘sam’ but returning null. <script> $(function() { $( “#search” ).autocomplete({ autoFocus: true, minLength: 2, source: ["/search/" ,$(this).val()].join(“”) }); }); </script>

How to Get Value of Dropdown – Javascript

setting variable value in mysql CREATE TABLE query ? Java

thank you for your comments for my previous post here i have tried making changes to my query accordingly with a change in table name: String str = getEmail(); String query = ” CREATE TABLE “+str+”(email varchar(255), post_text varchar(255), post_image … Continue reading

How change url of ajax function depending the return value of beforesend() function?

I want to run a function inside beforesend() in jquery ajax. Depending on the return value of that function I want to change the url of ajax request.For an example refer below.If ‘myFunction()’ returns a value grater than 1 I … Continue reading