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Is there a way to get css value when i select a word from a online text document?

I’m trying to make a function using JS/jQuery that gets the css values when i mark a text-line. Similar to the format-tool in google docs. Is that possible?

Compare input value in if statement using swing in java

please see below code to compare input value from user with value returned from select statement from database using swing.Please give suggestions how to do it. Please help it’s urgent. Thanks you in advance. code:- private boolean canAddQuantity( Product product … Continue reading

Filter for every array that contains value in any of its values?

I have a array: { “website”: “www.aaa.aaa”, “score”: 90, “tags”: [ "Video Online"] }, { “website”: “www.bbb.bbb”, “score”: 90, “tags”: ["Streaming Video"] } { “website”: “www.ccc.ccc”, “score”: 90, “tags”: ["Video"] } I want filter tag with ‘Video’ for this array. … Continue reading

jquery autocomplete not returning value val()

source shoud be link /search/sam my code should return the input value such as ‘sam’ but returning null. <script> $(function() { $( “#search” ).autocomplete({ autoFocus: true, minLength: 2, source: ["/search/" ,$(this).val()].join(“”) }); }); </script>

How to Get Value of Dropdown – Javascript