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Gatling create scala a function with return type as ChainBuilder

I’m just a new bee in Scala and gatling. When I define Object A{ val asset_sort = exec(http(“Sort by Displays”) .get(“/data/analytics/reports/”) .queryParamMap(asset_details_map) .queryParam(“”"sort”"”, “”"video_starts”"”) .check(status.is(200))) .pause(1) val device_sort = and so on … variables. } Now I want to create … Continue reading

jQuery find element with next element of specific type

I have “components” containing different input elements. These components have a checkbox that allows the user to toggle enable/disable on elements. This is the code that currently disables inputs and selects. $(“.activeComponentToggle input:checkbox”).on(“change”, function () { if ($(this).is(‘:checked’)) { $(this).closest(“div.component”).addClass(“activeComponentWell”); … Continue reading

Is it possible to change to define the equality of the type named / structures?

After reading a related question about using slices in maps, I became curious about equality in Go. I know it’s possible to override the equals method of a Java Object. Is there a similar way to define how Go checks … Continue reading

always zero insertion Effective numeric (6,6) data type in postgres table

I have a problen when i declare my type rate as numeric(6,6) and try to insert the record below i get no value in rate column insert into md.day_summations_usage (status_id,rate) values (200,0.000001)

Class type class in cocos2dx

The following syntax is from cocos2d -(void) setLevelScene:(Class)klass { [[CCDirector sharedDirector] replaceScene: [CCTransitionFade transitionWithDuration:1 scene:[klass scene]]]; } To change to Cocos2dx, there is no Class type in objective c++ or COCOS2DX. How can i change the code particularly Class class … Continue reading