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Filter Input type number using javascript

How do I not allowed when typing “2″ when first typing? Is possible using JavaScript? <input type=”number”/> Only “2″ can not typing when start. Any body help? Thank you.

How many type of meta tag ?

How many type of meta tag ? please someone share own thought to understand about this..

PHP cURL grant type invalid / unsupported

I’m trying to use php and cURL to make requests to the Fitbit oauth 2.0 api. I can get my authorisation code but cannot manage to exchange the code for a token. The Fitbit api docs say (https://dev.fitbit.com/docs/oauth2/#access-token-request) that I … Continue reading

KaLa JaDu SpECiAlISt All Type Of Problems Solved By Baba Ji

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How to add validation to check image size of “media upload” type product attribute

I want to validate “media upload” type product attribute(in admin on product edit page), to check size of selected image. I have added a class “validate-image-size” to each radio button for that attribute and I have added below validation for … Continue reading