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Failed to get type for: content://com. android. calendar (Unknown URL content://com. android. calendar) – Android

I am trying to make an application which will add a new event in our native android calendar.I am getting an error content://com.android.calendar and not able to figure it out what is wrong happening. I ma using KitKat verson of … Continue reading

first experience with blob type field writing and reading

Hi, this is my first experience with writing and reading blob type fields, (ie for credit info) and i want to be sure i do this correct. Is there anything special about reading and writing to these field types that … Continue reading

Selecting datetime data type

Let say I have Code: ——— 2011-04-20 02:05:28, 2011-03-20 02:05:28,2012-04-20 02:05:28 ——— stored in database as datetime type. How can I select the data with 2011 as year?

Gatling create scala a function with return type as ChainBuilder

I’m just a new bee in Scala and gatling. When I define Object A{ val asset_sort = exec(http(“Sort by Displays”) .get(“/data/analytics/reports/”) .queryParamMap(asset_details_map) .queryParam(“”"sort”"”, “”"video_starts”"”) .check(status.is(200))) .pause(1) val device_sort = and so on … variables. } Now I want to create … Continue reading

jQuery find element with next element of specific type

I have “components” containing different input elements. These components have a checkbox that allows the user to toggle enable/disable on elements. This is the code that currently disables inputs and selects. $(“.activeComponentToggle input:checkbox”).on(“change”, function () { if ($(this).is(‘:checked’)) { $(this).closest(“div.component”).addClass(“activeComponentWell”); … Continue reading