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Display the length and width of an SVG file in HTML

I have many SVG files, and I want to be able to quickly display the Length and Width of the files in HTML. I know that I can do it in Illustrator, but I need to make changes on the … Continue reading

what length variable?

Hi everyone. i am just start with javascript and i’m on array section. i have an example below: PHP: ——— // I don’t know whath length variable, please tell me more about it var cars = ['Audi', 'BMW', 'Toyota']; console.log(cars[length]); … Continue reading

How to wrap text to fit the L? Length DIV

I have some contents in a DIV that needs to get wrapped when the DIV width changes. I know that content gets wrapped accordingly but whenever the content has something like this “______________________________________________________________” without any space in the middle, the … Continue reading

I am very new to PHP programming and I need some help on the following code. The code outputs length?

Hi I am very new at PHP coding and I need some help on the code below. The Code outputs in the firefox as below “John”,”last_name”=>”Smith”); ?> And the code looks like this

How do I update a MySQL record? Across a form with mutliple inputs? Length purpose only update the inputs? Length with values ??entered

so my problem is this, I have a 3 part form that is a service ticket, the 1st part of the form is filled out by the dispatcher and submitted to mysql, the technician then see’s they have a ticket … Continue reading