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How to make Image Slideshow like this?

How to make Image Slideshow like this: Ninja Slider: Responsive Image Slideshow, touch-enabled and mobile-friendly (http://www.menucool.com/responsive-slider) *click* [DEMO 2] ? I really attracted this Slideshow so i decided to add this on my Blog. so i want HTML & CSS … Continue reading

can any body please tell me how to resize the image to specific size and curve using canvas

I have a application that user will upload a big image, i have other small image in my application. i want to resize and curve the uploaded image using canvas im using the below code. it is curving the image … Continue reading

how do i create a nav with css that includes an image in the middle?

This is how part of my html looks… I want a nav that has 2 links on the left and 2 links on the right with an image in the middle? is this possible? Help im new to html/css. thanks..

PHP GD How to circular crop 3 square images and merge into 1 image maintaining transparency

I have 2 source images and I want to: Do a circular crop of each image, with the outside of the circle transparent Merge/copy all images back onto a destination transparent image. I have tried many examples, but can’t seem … Continue reading

Scaling down image

I added an image to my site and it is HUGE. The image was only one size when I downloaded it. I am using it for my index page and I want the width to be the entire length of … Continue reading