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No option for Image upload from the computer in CKEditor

I have downloaded the CK Editor from CKEditor site. There are many features available on their site which works properly when I integrated into my site. But, there is no feature available to upload image from the local computer. Is … Continue reading

Compress HTML string containing embeded image with javascript

I am trying to do a javascript app which uses local storage to store HTML data which occasionally contains embedded images.but the problem is here i am apposed to a size constraint.do you guys know of any javascript library to … Continue reading

jQuery Setting height and width of image preview before uploading

In my working version, the file will upload and you can preview before actually uploading anywhere. What I am trying to achieve is to scale the images height and/or width to match the allocated area, scale the other side and … Continue reading

Quantifying GFP flourescence in . lif image files

I have a ~ 100 .lif images that contain GFP fluorescent cluster “dots” and I need to basically quantify the intensity and spread in each picture file. Does anyone have a suggestion on existing software or even an R package … Continue reading

“iOS simulator failed to install the application” with . svg image in . xcode project

I am building one phonegap/cordova hybrid application. In my first page “index.html” I have included .svg image as follows <div id=”SplashScreen” > <div id=”LogoId”> <img src=”img/logo.svg” height=100%; width=100%;/> </div> <div id=”LogoId2″> <img src=”img/logo.png” height=100%; width=100%;/> </div> </div> And my application … Continue reading