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Overlay GPS path on custom image

Is it possible, instead of using MKMapView to simply overlay a GPS path on, say, a black background? I don’t want to see streets or labels at all. In this case, the accuracy of the path isn’t particularly important (in … Continue reading

Permission denied for adding pic to django image filed nginx + gunicorn + virtualenv

Hi i deployed my django site using nginx – gunicorn and virtualenv according to the below tuto (http://michal.karzynski.pl/blog/2013/06/09/django-nginx-gunicorn-virtualenv-supervisor/ ) I create a user myuser and a group mywebapps . when I want to add a content to Member model I … Continue reading

Fabric. js: Rendering array of coordinates faster and make image

I’m trying to render several arrays of coordinates which are retrieved from a DB, into canvas using fabric.js and also save as image/pdf using fabric.js. I have a problem that in fabric.js, there seems to no direct way to render … Continue reading

How to create image listview in android app code?

I want to create image list view for main screen for menu.. how to create it.?? step by step please.. I’m new in android. I hope to make some app in android. that i want to main menu for it..

Post Image to the Facebook using Graph API by Giving the source of the file

I can upload the image to the facebook acoount using below code: <?php include_once “facebook.php”; ini_set(“display_errors”,0); //configuring application to post. $app_id = “YOUR_APP_ID”; $app_secret = “YOUR_APP_SECRET”; $post_login_url = “YOUR_REDIRECT_URL”; $code = $_REQUEST["code"]; //Obtain the access_token with publish_stream permission if(empty($code)){ $dialog_url= … Continue reading