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Select image to include sub directories

How do I make this include sub directories. PHP: ———

i want to open a 3ds image in wpf application

i converted .3ds image to xaml and its like <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″ standalone=”yes”?> <model name=”boy” num_sub_meshes=”1″ num_materials=”10″ > <material name=”c7d648bf_dds” index=”0″ opacity=”1.000000″ > <ambient r=”0.400000″ g=”0.400000″ b=”0.400000″ a=”1.000000″ /> <diffuse r=”0.100000″ g=”0.100000″ b=”0.100000″ a=”1.000000″ /> <specular r=”0.000000″ g=”0.000000″ b=”0.000000″ a=”1.000000″ … Continue reading

How can I from a URL upload an image file?

Hi, Usually when I want to allow a user to upload an image I provide a form like this: PHP: ———

Resize and move with a width of the screen image e Make font sizes?

Hi I have a website that requires the image to cover the width and height of the page. The problem is that I need to place the font in locations on the screen that match the design. So for instance … Continue reading

M? They want to automatically schedule image swap

Hello, Don’t know if this is the correct forum but I believe my question falls into the server side issues so here goes. I manage a simple web site and every month one of the images on the home page … Continue reading