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How to make an image clickable in Whatsapp?

How to embed an image with an url so that by clicking the image in Whatsapp, the user is redirected to the url? Somewhat like a clickable hyperlinked image in Whatsapp. Thanks

Small App For Image Processing

N B This is not a commercial project its purpose is strictly for my own learning and understanding Hello I am trying to learn more about image processing and image canvas What I am aiming for is a small web … Continue reading

Need Image Moderation App

I need someone to develop an algorithm and application to automate image moderation based on given criteria It should have provision to plug into php application Details will be discussed with selected candidates Priority will be given to candidates with … Continue reading

Display 2 images (flower, vase) on a canvas. On button click, move flower image accor

I am developing an app in phonegap I am working in HTML5. Task Display 2 images (flower, vase) on a canvas. On button click (4 buttons – right,left,up and down), move flower image such that it is placed exactly on … Continue reading

How to add validation to check image size of “media upload” type product attribute

I want to validate “media upload” type product attribute(in admin on product edit page), to check size of selected image. I have added a class “validate-image-size” to each radio button for that attribute and I have added below validation for … Continue reading