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java. lang. NumberFormatException: Invalid int: in display the image from sd card

It shows exception Invalid Int “” when pressing Show image button . Could you please tell me how to resolve this exception ? The below is my code public void onBindViewHolder(ViewHolder viewHolder, int i) { viewHolder.ivGreetings.setImageResource(Integer.valueOf(greetingsList[i])); }

Core data Image is saving in simulator but not in device

I have a code to save an image in my app.This is working fine when I test it in simulator .But the image is not saving when I run it in a device The code used to save the image … Continue reading

Code to do an Image Preview for my asp. net website

I am trying to do an image preview function on my asp.net website. When the user uploads an image through the fileupload function, a preview would be shown next to it. My current javascript code looks like this… <script type=”text/javascript”> … Continue reading

Is there a simple ‘next image’ method without javascrip that works in all browsers?

I just want to create a super simple slideshow with a next and previous button without any effects or other fancy features – so the most basic method possible. Is it the sort of thing that can be done without … Continue reading

Need help alligning image in header with bootstrap elements

Hello I’m having a ###### of a time getting my image element aligned in the top right corner of my web application and everything I try fails. at the top (head) of the page I’m using a navbar and below … Continue reading