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How to pass a sequence of image to FeatureDetect and FeatureDescriptor class object in OpenCV C++?

I am trying to code an object recognition program to detect a query image from a set of train images. For this purpose I want to store all key descriptors of all key points of train images in one giant … Continue reading

Using CSS to handle image animation VS a designed gif file

Hi All, I am a new comer of web design. Is that using CSS to handle animation is better than use some graphic software to produce a gif file for all case? such as movement of a image, Gradual change. … Continue reading

I am using html tag but the image is not displaying

<img src=”D:/xampp/htdocs/image_app/images/cardekho-pdf-logo.png” width=”400″ height=”400″> I am using following code but the image is not displaying. Please tell me what wrong with source code

TCPDF Add Image Rendered By Php

i am having issues to add image on pdf file using tcpdf. my image is rendered by php script. below is the script call mode: (worked well when directly check on browser): ./Image.php?t=1049&e=100003&i=25040907060040 but when i try to add using … Continue reading

How to make an image clickable in Whatsapp?

How to embed an image with an url so that by clicking the image in Whatsapp, the user is redirected to the url? Somewhat like a clickable hyperlinked image in Whatsapp. Thanks