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“iOS simulator failed to install the application” with . svg image in . xcode project

I am building one phonegap/cordova hybrid application. In my first page “index.html” I have included .svg image as follows <div id=”SplashScreen” > <div id=”LogoId”> <img src=”img/logo.svg” height=100%; width=100%;/> </div> <div id=”LogoId2″> <img src=”img/logo.png” height=100%; width=100%;/> </div> </div> And my application … Continue reading

Background subtraction depth image

Hello can someone help me I am trying to subtract one depth image from another source code should be C++ or matlab or C# or java Thank you for helping me

Help . . . Multiple Div’s Hidden with Top Image . . . Reveal All By Clicking Any One?

Currently I have a script that does the following … I have multiple div’s where the content is partially hidden by an image floating on top of the div. There is one button on the page that hides all the … Continue reading

how can we attach the light box on our website for image gallry?

how can we attach the light box on our website for image gallry?

Image swap with expanding / collapsing jQuery panel

Hi all I am very new to html/css and js and have recently coded my first site http://www.clickmunki.com and I am having trouble figuring out why my ‘+’ and ‘-’ images on my expanding/collapsing panel won’t work correctly. When the … Continue reading