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Code to do an Image Preview for my asp. net website

I am trying to do an image preview function on my asp.net website. When the user uploads an image through the fileupload function, a preview would be shown next to it. My current javascript code looks like this… <script type=”text/javascript”> … Continue reading

Is there a simple ‘next image’ method without javascrip that works in all browsers?

I just want to create a super simple slideshow with a next and previous button without any effects or other fancy features – so the most basic method possible. Is it the sort of thing that can be done without … Continue reading

Need help alligning image in header with bootstrap elements

Hello I’m having a ###### of a time getting my image element aligned in the top right corner of my web application and everything I try fails. at the top (head) of the page I’m using a navbar and below … Continue reading

Getting e. loaded for each new image upload in progress

I want use html5 for multiple image upload and show progress bar only the last image after handle files, i tried as the following code and progress bar to get `e.loaded & e.total` If you have uploaded several images of … Continue reading

Image / Div float in Safari not behaving nicely.

Hello, I failed to find the issue and would greatly appreciate some help on this. The site looks like it should in all major browsers except for Safari, where the logo is aligned left instead of right (bootstrap 8 & … Continue reading