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Upload Image to Website – Fantastic PHP script

Error in writing a grayscale image

In the following code am trying to read a grayscale image, store the pixel values in a 2D array and rewrite the image with a different name. The code is package dct; import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; import java.awt.image.DataBufferByte; import java.awt.image.Raster; import java.io.File; … Continue reading

Show hidden divs as soon as the image clicked as per the users choice of destination

Hi All, I have a page where I am planning to display content as per the users click. The page is under International Holidays (http://www.karnatakatourism.biz/International_Holidays.asp) If user clicks on singapore Image, I need to display singapore info, If china Image … Continue reading

How to make Image Slideshow like this?

How to make Image Slideshow like this: Ninja Slider: Responsive Image Slideshow, touch-enabled and mobile-friendly (http://www.menucool.com/responsive-slider) *click* [DEMO 2] ? I really attracted this Slideshow so i decided to add this on my Blog. so i want HTML & CSS … Continue reading

can any body please tell me how to resize the image to specific size and curve using canvas

I have a application that user will upload a big image, i have other small image in my application. i want to resize and curve the uploaded image using canvas im using the below code. it is curving the image … Continue reading