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Regex to find something, not content with a content

So I’m working on bb style code regex replacements. I’m trying to do nested quoting, and after a few failed attempts, I realized what I need to do is find something wrapped in an opening and closing quote tag that … Continue reading

How to find max value in ilnumerics symetric matrix?

I have an ilnumerics symetric matrix of double like that 100 90,38000 87,27000 44,23000 34,62000 30,77000 90,38000 100 90,91000 34,62000 44,23000 34,62000 87,27000 90,91000 100 36,36000 38,18000 47,27000 34,62000 44,23000 38,18000 89,80000 100 90,38000 30,77000 34,62000 47,27000 86,54000 90,38000 100 … Continue reading

Find and get rid of something in a string

I looking for the easy way to clear a group of characters in a string in case I know the group of characters before it and a group of characters after it. Thanks for guide

I can not find latex format file. fmt

I recently removed (most of) my installation of latex due to problems with the hyperref package. I reinstalled texlive using sudo apt-get texlive texlive-latex-extra which gave these messages (among other things): Running mktexlsr. This may take some time… done. Running … Continue reading

Side-to-side redirect. . cant find any clear examples

I have copied my new site to the new domain and everything works perfect and im ready to do my 301 redirects. I am looking for how to do a page-to-page 301 redirect for each page. I cant seem to … Continue reading