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Mongoose . find() with conditions returns no result

I am working on a MEAN Stack app with a pre-existing MongoDB collection and if I define conditions for .find() no results were returned while it works without conditions. Here is the code from my model file: var mongoose = … Continue reading

Find Javascript events fired on an element in Chrome Web Developer?

error – Could not find or load main class MyFile

I’ve read lot but haven’t been able to find a solution yet. I’m using RXTXcomm.jar and the natives library.i use “C:\ C Prog” folder to compile and run my java test programs. My jar file is in same location where … Continue reading

how to Find the largest value in the tree set in java?

I have the treeset as follows: abcB, abcA, abcE, pqrsA, pqrsB, pqrsC, xyzE, xyzD and I want to print output as: abcA pqrsA xyzD

Bluetooth Lost And Find App

We resp our Chinese Bluetooth chip manufacture has developed a lost found app for Android and iPhone We can work with this but we want to improve it make changes and add additional functions The Android App we uploaded already … Continue reading