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iterator find – referencing the needle instead of dereferencing the iterating item

Consider the following code: fn main() { let greater_than_42 = (0..100).find(|x| *x > 42); match greater_than_42 { Some(x) => println!(“{}”, x), None => println!(“no numbers found”), } } If I do this instead: let greater_than_42 = (0..100).find(|x| x > &42); … Continue reading

Find asp. net identity user by id fails

I am inserting current User Identity ID to database like this var ApplicationUserId = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.GetUserId(); And later on another view I am trying to get it out of DB like this var cUser = db.Users.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Id == Model.ApplicationUserId); But … Continue reading

Find angle between two kinect sensors

Consider a person is standing in front of kinect sensor A and to the side of the person another kinect sensor B is placed (i.e exactly 90 degree).How to find programmatically that the sensor B is located 90 degree to … Continue reading

Find Zip Codes within Radius

Find Zip Codes within Radius