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How to find bugs in programs?

Let suppose if a Program Object is going on illegal state so, you know that You have to check its Object or its class member functions. Because of these member function object moved to the illegal state. If Program is … Continue reading

iterator find – referencing the needle instead of dereferencing the iterating item

Consider the following code: fn main() { let greater_than_42 = (0..100).find(|x| *x > 42); match greater_than_42 { Some(x) => println!(“{}”, x), None => println!(“no numbers found”), } } If I do this instead: let greater_than_42 = (0..100).find(|x| x > &42); … Continue reading

Find asp. net identity user by id fails

I am inserting current User Identity ID to database like this var ApplicationUserId = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.GetUserId(); And later on another view I am trying to get it out of DB like this var cUser = db.Users.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Id == Model.ApplicationUserId); But … Continue reading

Find angle between two kinect sensors

Consider a person is standing in front of kinect sensor A and to the side of the person another kinect sensor B is placed (i.e exactly 90 degree).How to find programmatically that the sensor B is located 90 degree to … Continue reading

Find Zip Codes within Radius