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How to find a value that exists anywhere in an array

I am fairly new to javascript, so I hope this explanation makes sense… I have an array which I push values to. The array will only have unique values (no duplicates). In an example, I have pushed the values 1,2,5,11 … Continue reading

jQuery find element with next element of specific type

I have “components” containing different input elements. These components have a checkbox that allows the user to toggle enable/disable on elements. This is the code that currently disables inputs and selects. $(“.activeComponentToggle input:checkbox”).on(“change”, function () { if ($(this).is(‘:checked’)) { $(this).closest(“div.component”).addClass(“activeComponentWell”); … Continue reading

In logistic regression, How can I find a way to order the Coefficients by their Pr(>|z|)?

I would like to order the variables from the summary table of the glm function by the p-value. any Ideas how to do it? here is my example data frame: dat <- read.table(text = ” TargetVar Var1 Var2 Var3 0 … Continue reading

How to Find Num of Columns in a HTML Table to apply COLSPAN

Find Most Common Numbers

I need a software that can calculate wich numbers appears more often among others for example i provide this 3 series of numbers 5 49 6 45 7 47 3 55 23 33 45 24 9 23 28 26 49 … Continue reading