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PHPExcel format different from excel version

I have a big problem with new Excel on Windows 8. I generate some xls file with PHPExcel and set some format to cells like this: $row_style = array( ‘fill’ => array( ‘type’ => PHPExcel_Style_Fill::FILL_SOLID, ), ‘borders’ => array( ‘allborders’ … Continue reading

Excel VBA formula

We have a list of 250 000 Serial Numbers which belong to a single item The serial number list is in a single column on a excel spreadsheet We need a excel formula that when the starting serial number is … Continue reading

Create PDF file from Excel

I have a few 6 PDF files I need to reformat it to an excel file I will provide sample of both pdf and excel I want to chosen bidders it is a simple job which would take maximum 10 … Continue reading

Declare a variable and compare with Khmer Unicode string in VBA excel

Khmer unicode character string is different from other unicode character, we can’t write it on VBA editor of Excel or MS Access. How to declare a variable and assign Khmer unicode string?

Screen grave To Excel

I need someone to write a program or a complile a functional excel spread sheet with all the names and addresses from this website http insolvencydirect bis gov uk eiir The program would read all the relevant data from the … Continue reading