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Pasting from Excel Into Multiple Fields in a Form

Attachment 14598 (http://www.codingforums.com/attachments/javascript-programming/14598-pasting-excel-into-multiple-fields-form-g2nfy-jpg) We want to be able to copy a column in excel and paste it into the Marks Obtained column. I’ve been told that I need to write some (perhaps) javascript code to parse/split the copied text into … Continue reading

Excel 2010 For API Goformz

Build excel 2010 workbook for API access to Goformz API info on API You can see the docs to get a list of forms here http developers goformz v2 docs get a list of formz And here to get a … Continue reading

PHPExcel format different from excel version

I have a big problem with new Excel on Windows 8. I generate some xls file with PHPExcel and set some format to cells like this: $row_style = array( ‘fill’ => array( ‘type’ => PHPExcel_Style_Fill::FILL_SOLID, ), ‘borders’ => array( ‘allborders’ … Continue reading

Excel VBA formula

We have a list of 250 000 Serial Numbers which belong to a single item The serial number list is in a single column on a excel spreadsheet We need a excel formula that when the starting serial number is … Continue reading

Create PDF file from Excel

I have a few 6 PDF files I need to reformat it to an excel file I will provide sample of both pdf and excel I want to chosen bidders it is a simple job which would take maximum 10 … Continue reading