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HTML – Open localization via explorer. exe / file via excel

Hello I have got hyperlink in HTML for example: <a href=”//Test/Test/Test” target=”_explorer.exe”>Open_Me</a> First what I want to do is to open localization in explorer.exe. How I can make it? Second thing what I need to do is to open file … Continue reading

VBA excel – paste data into another sheet with data in column matches

I need help in vba to insert column of data from sheet 2 , sheet 3 ,sheet 4 into sheet one corresponds to the column header and effective date in column 1 Order date on column B to be paste … Continue reading

Excel VBA, Macro, Excel

I have Excel WorkBook Named .Within this WorkBook there are 2 Work Sheets: Sheet1 – Named “Client Code” Sheet2 – Named “Client Data” NOW Sheet 1 “Client Code” Contains Client Unique Codes in Column A (For Example as under): Client … Continue reading

Export selected fileds to excel

Hello, I am trying to export selected data to excel (.xls) , but it displays all the fileds from the database. I am not getting how to select only few columns. Here is the code Form Code: ———

How to save excel file faster with VBA

I have an excel file worth 150 mb and with only one worksheet( master worksheet).As you can imagine it has lots of calculations in it. What I am doing currently is, running a VBA in it to make a new … Continue reading