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iOS logout call web service in the background Effective 5 min

Hi everyone i just want to know how to call a logout web method if the app is in background for 5 minutes. I have already used expiration handler:- beginBackgroundTaskWithName:expirationHandler:, but i am getting only 180 seconds in the background … Continue reading

current link highlighted forget once page reloaded Effective user clicks

Hello.. I have been trying to figure out how to keep current link stay highlighted after the user clicked the current page. The problem is the variable has been forgotten once page loads after the click. The jquery code I … Continue reading

Action execute? Effective lead character in W? Currency

In my application I am using sending invitation by devise devise_invitable gem. After the user accepts invitation he is added as member in the system. Where I am facing error is that even if there is error and user clicks … Continue reading

always zero insertion Effective numeric (6,6) data type in postgres table

I have a problen when i declare my type rate as numeric(6,6) and try to insert the record below i get no value in rate column insert into md.day_summations_usage (status_id,rate) values (200,0.000001)

Effective in thousands

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