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jquery mobile dropdown list no showing up in android

I m RIGHTS reliable? Ssigen dropdown code with JSP, Ajax

Hi, I m new to ajax. Mine coding requirement is on selecting value from dropdown,A database request must be issued to populate text fields ,but the control should be on same jsp page. I am using Struts2,Mysql technologies.

how can I change the details of a selected? hlten values ??of a dropdown list with PHP

hi, i am using mysql nd php..i want to select the cust_id values entered to a drop down list dynamically and if i select on any of the values i want to display all the details corresponding to that value … Continue reading

Show or hide the text field on the selection of another drop-down box with the base js

hi i’m designing a form what i want is….i have two drop-down boxes in that form namely country and states…here when i select a value from country field the states that corresponds to that country have to update in the … Continue reading

I can reqs? Fill a text box from drop-down. Help make it bev? Lkern two text fields

Here are a simple script, for populating a text field from drop down, for example how it works : user clicking on option 1, then the textfield showValue1 will filled/fired with 1a —Quote—