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How to select file by name inside folder in google Picker from drive

I am using google Picker to view files in my drive. I want to filter file by name on Picker load. My files are saved inside a folder on drive. There are 3 folder on my google drive. I can … Continue reading

Is a common repository Ivy just a network drive?

I’m thinking about introducing Ivy dependency management in the company I work. I’ve read the Ivy docs, but I’m still not sure how a shared repository (from which all developers can get libraries) is implemented technically. Can it be just … Continue reading

How to install windows on a new hard drive

in this tutorial i will teach you how to install a copy of windows 7 64 bit on to a blank brand new hard drive .if you have you can install mac osx if you have the snow leopard install … Continue reading

drive dynamic content tabs V2. 0 not ordered when the page layout

i put 4 level tabs content in div using DD ajax content tabs plugin v2.0. before my page loading is complete, i see all 4 level tabs in reed and Cluttered Vertical list.( in fact user see 4 tabs content … Continue reading

The Root of Success in Online Marketing – How to drive traffic

Why your company schl? Lack gt marketing and how can I help you fix it! Need traffic to your website opportunity. I’ll show you exactly how I -300 200 unique visitors per day and what to do when you reach … Continue reading