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How to convert PDF to JPEG in PHP

I am trying to convert PDF to Image through imagick class but it’s not supporting to my PHP version. Currently i am using PHP 5.3.9 version , and also want to upgrade my PHP any one can help me out.

ImageMagick convert

Please help me. I need to convert this http://s40.radikal.ru/i089/1512/49/177e5f979ae3.png to this http://s016.radikal.ru/i334/1512/c1/66b7b5d2efd3.png

Convert pdf Statement To Excel

I require a number of locked pdf bank statements converting into one excel spreadsheet with accurate formatting We have a company account with a large number of cheque transactions appearing on our bank statements We need each statement converting onto … Continue reading

Convert existing website to HTML5 CSS3 to work in all devices.

1. Single page site only to be converted, all text, metatags, headers etc to stay exactly as is. 2. New site to work across all browsers (including IE), tablets, mobiles (android and Iphone) etc using HTML5 and CSS3 (current site … Continue reading

A twofold javascript function to convert a long date and return today’s date in mm-dd

Hi Gurus and Experts, I really need your help, I can’t seem to find any other help on this on the internet, because it seems its either one way ot the other. What I would like to be able to … Continue reading