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A twofold javascript function to convert a long date and return today’s date in mm-dd

Hi Gurus and Experts, I really need your help, I can’t seem to find any other help on this on the internet, because it seems its either one way ot the other. What I would like to be able to … Continue reading

WordPress3 31 Convert To Magento

Convert my ecommerce WordPress 3 31 over to latest Magento with 52241 Theme We require 350 x products with descriptions prices images into categories which 200 are currently on WordPress and 150 will be supplied in excel 8 x Web … Continue reading

convert sql to cakephp paginator query

Please convert my SQL query to cakephp paginator query. “select student_id, student_name, student_enrollment, univ_id, course_id, current_sem, registeration_date, total_paid from registerations r join(select payment_date, stud_id, sum(fee_amount) as total_paid from feelogs group by stud_id) as f on r.id=f.stud_id where r.center_id=1 and r.current_sem=1 … Continue reading

Convert datamodel. bin to json format. . .

Good day! Please help me. How can I convert this bin file in json format. I do not know how but I do know that this is possible. Because the other person did. However, he does not want to say … Continue reading

Access Db Convert To Web App

I want a Microsoft Access Database converting to a web app and hosted on our website jigsawconferences co uk with login credentials for that only staff can use it … Required Skills: Database Development, Programming, Web Design Development