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Convert url in a string to hyperlinks

If you are working with forums, blogs or even a normal form submission, many times you end us asking user for a website. Using the function, the URL string would automatically convert to a hyperlink. PHP: ——— function makeClickableLinks($text) { … Continue reading

Java Date convert to CIT Timezone

i’am trying to achieve that java.util.Date date has timezone exactly like this: (java.lang.String) Fri Dec 16 00:00:00 CET 2016 at the moment i get this: (java.lang.String) Fri Dec 16 00:00:00 GMT 2016 I can create DateTime variable like this: DateTime … Continue reading

How to convert PDF to JPEG in PHP

I am trying to convert PDF to Image through imagick class but it’s not supporting to my PHP version. Currently i am using PHP 5.3.9 version , and also want to upgrade my PHP any one can help me out.

ImageMagick convert

Please help me. I need to convert this http://s40.radikal.ru/i089/1512/49/177e5f979ae3.png to this http://s016.radikal.ru/i334/1512/c1/66b7b5d2efd3.png

Convert pdf Statement To Excel

I require a number of locked pdf bank statements converting into one excel spreadsheet with accurate formatting We have a company account with a large number of cheque transactions appearing on our bank statements We need each statement converting onto … Continue reading