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ASP. NET AJAX MVC4. BeginForm AjaxOptions onSuccess not called Expired

I’m trying to use Jquery Model Dialog in MVC4 using Razor dialog box showing fine but AjaxOptions.OnSuccess javascript function is not calling after i click the update button but it’s redirected to http://<>:3738/Cars/Edit/1?Length=4 i don;t know why it was happened. … Continue reading

Waiting for closed cmd in C #, ASP. net

I am running cmd on background via asp.net. I want to wait program, until closed cmd window ? How can I succeed ?

Have an alternative to asp. NET code behind in JS file

The “<%” is not recognised in the JS file. What is the alternative to have code behind in JS file?

What is the best tool for Verf? Supply Separate Hierarchical Grid reference f? R to create ASP. Net Web Site

Hi I need to know that what is the best available Tool in market to create Self Referring Hierarchical Grid for ASP.Net Web Site. It must support Drag & Drop of rows , Paging for each Hierarchy, Find feature, Best … Continue reading

Gr? S? Change image proportionally in ASP. NET C #, using either H? Height or width

I need a code that will allow me to resize images, but with the following functionality: 1) resize image upon upload 2) Resize image proportionally by specifying either height or width. Note: Should be done in ASP.NET C# For example: … Continue reading