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ASP. net: How to put top view button in a page

Please help …. How to put popup button arrow-up in webpage then if you click the button arrow up page will go back to top view automatically, look like the image attached. thank you…. ![Popup Button Arrow-up for top view1

ASP. NET concurrent users slowing each another

Recently I programmed an ASP.NET MVC 4 web application using Entity Framework, Razor – quite large (about 90 entities, many forms etc.). Everything worked fine and quite fast in my development environment. Troubles started in moment of deploying the application … Continue reading

ASP. Net Chart X Axis displaying incorrect month when formatted

I’ve got a stacked column with dateTime on the X-axis. Everything is working fine but when I format the x-axis from (09/30/2013)mm/dd/yyyy – yyyy-mm to show on the chart(yyyy-mm is required), the y-axis shows on top of the incorrect label … Continue reading

Which is best VB Script or Java Script for using in asp. net?

I am confused to work in VB script or Java script for using in asp.net which is best performs well. I heard C# script may use in Asp.net is it better to use?