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asp Textbox : regex should allow only “negative numbers” and “zero”– in asp. net

It should allow only negative numbers and a zero

When using ASP. NET MVC and LINQ, should you be creating stored procedures in your SQL database?

This is something I don’t understand. The conventional wisdom for stored procedures is to always create them if you know know a query that will be executed as part of your application and can describe it in terms of paramaters … Continue reading

Read a PDF specific contain and put those text into text box in asp. net

i have a requirement that i have a upload file option and when i upload a PDF file (Which contain “Name, Father Name,DOB, Collage name) and click on button upload then it read PDF contain like what is the name … Continue reading

Method that Returns All Products for a particular category ASP. net

Need some help. I have 2 tables Product Type:- ID, Name Product :- ID, ProductTypeID (FK from Product Type table), Price, Name I want to write a method which returns List of all products for the selected Product Type this … Continue reading

Asp. net MVC Angularjs recource

So I am just starting with Angularjs. I want to build a simple application where I have some Objects for example cars in a catalog. The information about these cars is on my server (in a database or something). I … Continue reading