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vb.net ms access 2007 connection

click this to download the codes: www.4shared.com This is the Updated Code With Navigation Buttons www.4shared.com Updated Code if you want to add Search Box in form www.mediafire.com Thanks! by:rvva

Excel 2007 – Create Basic Inventory System using Form and Formula

How to create a basic inventory system using Form and Formula

Visual Basic 2010 & Access 2007 Lesson 001

الدرس الأول من دروس ربط الفيجوال بيسك 2010 بقواعد البيانات أكسيس 2007 للحصول على هذه الاسطوانة التعليمية وبها كم هائل من الدروس القيمة والمعلومات المفيدة وكيفية التعامل مع قواعد البيانات المختلفة من خلال أكواد الفيجوال بيسك 2010 يمكنك التواصل معنا … Continue reading

Introducing the VBA environment: Excel 2007: Macros in Depth from lynda.com

Watch the entire course at www.lynda.com In Excel 2007: Macros for Automation, author Dennis Taylor demonstrates common tasks for which macros are used, and walks through the process of creating and running simple macros. This course also covers more advanced … Continue reading

Visual Basic 6 Database acces 2007 connection

Code : This code is for button Save Private Sub cmdSave_Click() On Error Resume Next Adodc1.Recordset.AddNew Adodc1.Recordset!FirstName = txtFirstName.Text Adodc1.Recordset!LastName = txtLastName.Text Adodc1.Recordset.Update End Sub This code is to enter provider Private Sub Form_Load() On Error Resume Next Adodc1.ConnectionString = … Continue reading