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25 Responses to Mac OSX Lion On Windows 7 – Vmware Workstation 8

  1. JMemini8 says:

    No, I’m just weight? Person similar to the vascular want? Hl with a Mac, but no money to spend buying a Mac computer have. I iPhone4 iPhone? Jailbroken 3G no, never ‘em just the jailbroken paid apps for free, and all my apps have are free apps from the store, and my goal is Aspire 4752 laptop running Windows to think. It’s a dream f? R I have a Mac Pro as long gold air, can not really afford k?, With the aim of budget, and my work is more akin to Windows.

  2. TwiIightSparkle says:

    I’m with Snow Leopard 10th 6th 7 (10 6, 8 breaks in the App Store f? R me) and they will not ban you if you align the OS t? Hand. The App Store will look at your PC / Virtual Machine as just another Mac. Upload everything to your heart desires, Apple may have the power to strip out of her store, she will never drink it? UNLESS you have power, I know? not, Wolverhampton unknown musicians Giving money stolen through iTunes accounts, credit cards.

  3. SynMadness says:

    I did not see a boat, anyoone please help? ?

  4. JMemini8 says:

    One more thing, I used my Apple account in the download of App Store app Some, like the poker games, Apple is my kind of illegal? Apple account, when each day I Used this OS? I’m not familiar with Mac OS, only iOS (iPhone, iPad), I’m an MS-Windows users since launch. Now I only have a Mac OS tats? Chlich.

  5. JMemini8 says:

    I see. Anyway, thank you very f? R sharing this? Overpriced discs? E I enjoy? E to play it and comparing Windows 7 Ultimate? About this Mac OS X. And nice thing is, I can play in the big screen en Pokerist now hehehehe. I tried to upgrade the operating system, Scribus runs on the first? About the goal? second day will no longer run it, well, that I take a snapshot before I updated.

  6. tjpld says:

    Since there are no Erg? Nzungen f? R OSX as Gust f? R other OS? That so k? You can the virtualbox / vmware graphics driver and hardware acceleration. Apple want to f? Not filled, hardware support? Tzung That’s not their gold virtualization f? R this matter, otherwise w? Rde no one to buy her? Overpriced crap.

  7. ramya shetty says:

    it will work. . i? want to know. .

  8. ceeby29 says:

    Thanks? It worked well!

  9. JMemini8 says:

    @ Aidanharris1, why can not I change? The resolution and high of the screen, 1024 x 768 only?

  10. JMemini8 says:

    10 use. 7th 2? only and not upgrade. use the link from upload to download the ISO.

  11. TheLx135 says:

    Hi, I downloadMac OS X Lion 10th 7th 4 VMware image from TPB uses VMware 8th Win7 0. After I run Mac OS on VMware seems to do nothing and Apple logo? Not any more. K can? They help me get them to work, Thanks a lot

  12. Nizz Phanit says:

    Me too?

  13. 0000little says:

    I just gedr’s Something install? OSX Lion, when I started my virtual MAC. . . and then there is abst rzt: (

  14. sukhpreetbal says:

    mee TPP / / bro / / / tell me if? u can help me. .

  15. GeoDoesGFX says:

    yo yo dawg Cdn Please skype f? gene Clock me and I will help you? Graffiti is free if you get it to work

  16. MCiLuZiioNz says:

    You k? Can not be installed Mac OSX? L? We had to use PC virtualization software of some sort, m? Need

  17. mactodaybie says:

    I have done? Download the patch appllied and still on the Apple logo Sami dosent go further and help

  18. grizzlyboy345 says:

    in? stuck on the Apple screen

  19. denis xex says:

    Apply for and download this? Patch vmware-vmx-patch. exe

  20. InMyWorld10 says:

    AMD processors?

  21. dodo12349 says:

    erm? resembled going to virtualize? on your BIOS

  22. eshansinghi says:

    I get this message “Mac OS X is not supported with software virtualization? Protected. Ben To run Mac OS X? You term a host, supported on the VMware Workstation? Protected hardware? Virtualization.”

  23. 0000little says:

    my pc st rzt from when it installed OSX Lion: (((HHEEELLPPP mmeeee?

  24. Lukasg1997 says:


  25. Philipp6434 says:

    Help I’m stuck? logko the apple!

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