Decorator is not handing? Of arguments?

I’ve been working on serialising a n-dimensional array into a 1-dimensional “array” database:

from collections import Iterable, Mapping
import sqlite3

def pass_many(vals, some_funct, args=()):
    if not vals:
    if isinstance(vals, Iterable) and not isinstance(vals, (basestring, Mapping)):
        for v in vals:
            pass_many(v, some_funct, args)
        some_funct(vals, *args)

def counter(func):
    def wrapper(v, *args, **kwargs): # added 'v' arg to no avail
        wrapper.count = wrapper.count + 1
        test_var_args(v, *args, **kwargs)
        #return func(*args, **kwargs)
    wrapper.count = 0

    return wrapper

def test_var_args(farg, *args):
    print "formal arg:", farg
    for arg in args:
        print "another arg:", arg

def insert(val, cursor, table="wordlist", logfile="queries.log"):
    print val, cursor, table, logfile
    if val:
        if isinstance(val, (basestring, Mapping)):
            val = '\"' + val + '\"'
        else: val = str(val)
        query = "insert into tablename values (?);".replace('tablename', table).replace('?', val)
        #if logfile: to_logfile(query + '\n', logfile)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    connection = sqlite3.connect('andthensome.db')
    cursor = connection.cursor()
    cursor.execute("create table array (word text);")
    pass_many([["foo", "bar"], "pew"], insert, cursor)
    cursor.execute("select * from array;") # wrapped select function omitted for brevity
    print "insert() was called", insert.count, "times, and db now contains:\n", cursor.fetchall()

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the insert function decorated with counter is being passed arguments correctly.

What am I doing wrong?

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