Visual Basic 2010 Express Tutorial: Einfacher Webbrowser

Hier sind die Codes WebBrowser.GoBack() WebBrowser1.GoForward() WebBrowser1.Navigate(ToolStripTextBox1.Text) WebBrowser1.Refresh() WebBrowser1.GoHome()

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14 Responses to Visual Basic 2010 Express Tutorial: Einfacher Webbrowser

  1. NFSWBalkan says:


  2. Supernoobgames says:

    you’re the best, short and informative, thanks! Thank you!

  3. Yaxdoom says:

    cool :)

  4. ForYouOnlyApple says:

    great video!

  5. coolsmoky says:

    Worked perfectly thank you. . Have you subscribed to the same time!

  6. FeloxLOL says:


  7. Triggar100 says:

    works for me unfortunately: (

  8. JohannsStudio1 says:

    thank you :) ? berhaupt it not? You can k?. . . so cool

  9. DjHobster says:

    Thanks f? R the codes!

  10. homepage5tv says:

    I clicked on “design” is, daf? R i can see it has done. :-)

  11. homepage5tv says:

    The music is, and Fen Flugh? Is by Mostly Bears. Thank you f? R your comment :-)

  12. tscheck21 says:

    Select abk? thank you thank you!

  13. lFly4everl says:

    ? really good video a great lob it; D

  14. Mischa270 says:

    really nice tutorial perfectly without much explanation changes with good quality t:? DTH NCP?

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