Very simple Jquery chat box – Full tutorial

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9 Responses to Very simple Jquery chat box – Full tutorial

  1. SmokingHotGuitar says:

    H? Ll forgive me? because at least you talk IN. GEZ!

  2. RcCarFan01 says:

    K can? After me, if your n? Have uploaded chsten tutorial and maybe chat k? You to me? the link? PLS

  3. kenjos75 says:

    How Could You call this one a tutorial? The cat? there is no PHP-happening here. . . what. . .

  4. Daveozoalor says:

    She was essentially CSS tutorial. I was expecting a JQuery tutorial chat. They should only be introduced? Gt you have the HTML and CSS, then down? Coding on jQuery

  5. MrErwanL says:

    Make second? Does!

  6. shulam1 says:

    I could not find? Second Tutorial.

  7. TheHikaru1207 says:

    Where? is the second tutorial dude?

  8. MrLeoByrne89 says:

    Is there one? Seconds to shut this video?

  9. Badya122 says:

    ahahah, were you? ‘ll chat with yourself?)

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