LightBox 2: Simple JavaScript Image Gallery

I have received a ton of requests for Lightbox2 tutorials. I have gone ahead and created one using Dreamweaver and by the time you watch this video you will be able to setup and edit your very own LightBox 2 JavaScript Photo Gallery. Download Lightbox 2 for free right here: Twitter! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http

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24 Responses to LightBox 2: Simple JavaScript Image Gallery

  1. Mr88drugs says:

    Hey. I’m having problems with the folder structure when importing the collection site? to my PHP script. How can I fix this?

  2. madpenguin42 says:

    Please keep making tutorials! Great videos you have, that helped me a lot and I? Learnt something.

  3. nailandrockett says:

    Hello and sorry again about cable? Stigen oz goal again I can not believe it works, and I have f? For my site. K can? Ren explained to us?, What do you mean exactly when you Fen? Berpr? Whether the connections are properly commented. I know? not know how to do that. I have tried to target w? Rde really beautiful COLUMNS If you’re a little help he could brigen? Minutes? K can? They sound? Ren, what I really just need to do? Thanks in advance.

  4. ad3lac0r1 says:

    And? loading gif does not aussi. . . : (

  5. ad3lac0r1 says:

    Hello, thx a lot f? R the video. I just tried it in a daf specifically? R built website shows it is not the closing? En-Schaltfl? Surface. There’s just something like broken img (pink triangle with two cycles – blue and green n?). What is? Do about pls?

  6. nailandrockett says:

    Hi thank you f? R take the time to explained Ren, what’s the problem! I’m not experienced with Java script so it’s been hard to figure it out. . . . Nat? Of course I’ve nnte k? Say it was not picking up the JS destination where the problem was, Double Dutch f? R I was. I’ll take a look at the above. Thank you!

  7. acuttle981 says:

    Since this is your link to the JavaScript files /? CSS files are corrupted? Berpr? Audit through to the correct directory you are acidic, for example, hot t it src = “js / Lightbox JS.” ? W to while I needed to change my src = “c: users … Hope this helps

  8. SoliGrand says:

    pretty easy target? effective. Thank you :)

  9. natevargo says:

    FINALLY. it works. . . and? The credit goes to this video. This guy is the Yoda of Web authoring.

  10. JasonWrightsArt says:

    1000 High Fives thank f? R help. how exciting. I looked and looked for help before that?

  11. nailandrockett says:

    Hi, it works when I use the Lightbox 2 download folder as root? Works just great. Can not work out why it does not work if I put the lightbox CSS, Java and pictures in an empty directory. Anyway? I’m OK now. Thank you again. Tina

  12. nailandrockett says:

    Hi I love your tutorial I think you are by far the best teacher in the whole vid from You Tube. I tried it for a while? Ck and it worked great? Like now it will not work? Berhaupt. I’ve repeated three different times. I think it is? not picking up the Java Script to put it simply goes from the preview, a big picture with it none of the think-k? select happening. No PREV or NEXT button and not in the N? He. Please please help?

  13. nailandrockett says:


  14. 1235242 says:

    Hye, how? You do this with a site that is made in Photoshop, if the photos, the German road wheels misplaced Add? Gene?

  15. everythingiamlos says:

    great tutorial just one question. For some reason says. js files? and. CSS files do not exist when I say, why is a basic, working? I have the files and I can ‘em open?, If I be able to order em individually in my project there was no need to pick up. Thank you

  16. kidwiththecap says:

    Every time I tried to Lightbox2, I have to use the lightbox to work fine, it must not aim at the N? Eh? Schaltfl? Causes or Schaltfl Chen and Next To? Ck. I have the keys still in the images folder, and I did not move anything, when I downloaded it, except to put it on my main website folder. What am I doing wrong?

  17. mathieuplasse1 says:

    Great tutorial? Good job! Thank you!

  18. ToyBlueTube says:

    Bug’s Tut. Thank you!?

  19. rct3cafe says:

    Do you have it already. ? You have to place [style = "display: none"] after the link.

  20. rct3cafe says:

    I have it installed before I watch the video I’ve found a question: Is it pfennigs m resembled Shortc with an image / text in a gallery of images?. So I mean, a thumbnail on the page, click it? ? Is opened a gallery of images. Thank you verry much.

  21. exiquio says:

    Quick and easy? Tutorial. Thank you.

  22. Hongofrias says:

    OSOM tutorial? Thank you!

  23. ruaricraig101 says:

    Brilliant tutorial aim I have a problem? Actually, it does not load it with only cuts to a new page with the broad picture I tried putting it in my pictures and not divs in divs Wei? anyone know what the problem is due to

  24. demesamarcclenn says:

    white t you know how to make this happen? If it is in Iframe? Thank you!

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