Descargar Visual Basic 6 Portable

Este es visual basic en su edicion portable link:

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25 Responses to Descargar Visual Basic 6 Portable

  1. jhonje96 says:

    M? Men porq not I, if I open AutoCAD 2008 CD insert DISQ porfa help?

  2. jhonje96 says:

    true hahahahahaha

  3. MotionInMotion1975 says:

    Piece of idiots, instead of criticizing, be thankful that The Skinny Took this time to load the program and explained to Ren? How to make it run on top of this explanation? Tion f? R idiots like you, is all to criticize what you do, linings. Thank you f? R co Xplore.

  4. MotionInMotion1975 says:

    You are my life have I j? Hrige application developed in VB 6 and did not know where to get the app to change?. Thank you!

  5. Peluq2000 says:

    Knowledge is f? R all free of charge.

  6. brunotataful says:

    What you have to pay above m?,

  7. brunotataful says:


  8. areanito says:

    Voiceless end I liked it

  9. iCartoonsHD says:

    Thanks dear =)

  10. francois789HABBO says:

    As a slow 20 seconds Ren explained how to open Internet Explorer? -. -

  11. ThePedroedu says:

    They talk funny stuffy nose? q f qieres aussi? fill my hard drive and makes discs? e!

  12. ThePedroedu says:

    They talk funny lanariz blocked?

  13. diegotimperjuncio says:

    If I make a mistake taking the final step to get the video. . . I said you can not k? Register DAO350. DLLHelp please.

  14. angel34052 says:

    I aim to subscribe thanks: P

  15. angel34052 says:

    ? Pa gt as low detac h her writing in a notebook -. -

  16. BadSucks1 says:

    thank you very much man

  17. TheRata1 says:

    mirehda useless? f r is the PA xaval strives to be a tutorial f? r wimps who kf horseradish? r youtube ‘em M? you like to offend YouTube is f? make r all ages. . kaiaros criticize idejar

  18. DaniSaggenza says:

    Big s contribution. . . Obviously, it is necessary. . . End of the flowering leaves you accidentally L? Deleted the system32 think ;) Probably the System32 is a version of Counter Strike xDDDD

  19. rompetechos says:

    Before you speak asshole question, to extract and f? You run it as administrator.

  20. Xplore3223 says:

    That’s what’s missing in your p O. Learn the first fucking idiot moron system files

  21. eldiadehoy1000 says:

    Thanksgiving is the best laptop is not much room taking gold, as long as the last non-portable Visual Basic, thanks

  22. Xplore3223 says:

    I have 18 years

  23. 0TheHack says:

    you are a VIEJOOOO the pipe is f? r the young handball are arrived ke agree

  24. anzack95 says:

    haha, what to do if I deicir Is That palomeo Busk component Microsoft Internet Controls and the option to wear, says I and II can not run a file called IEFrame file is not to be found. dll

  25. Luis12000xd says:

    grax jejejejej guy I owe what I subscribed tio tio grax grax garax grax ggras

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