Conexión a bases de datos MySQL desde Visual Studio 2008 [parte 2]

artículo producido por Diego Ernesto Farías [tecla] desde Mendoza, Argentina para su blog personal:

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9 Responses to Conexión a bases de datos MySQL desde Visual Studio 2008 [parte 2]

  1. esme1286 says:

    Hello, I have a problem, install the connector net goal at Add new? Not see the rules on data source MySQL database connection, went to? Back to uninstall and install and do not connect the target subsequently? S Canon, K? Nnten you help me?. . . Thank you. . .

  2. Serglaur says:

    Very good video, as a question that I want fields (textbox) and databases? Via a button injustement bind bind fields to data sources can k?.

  3. elteklayt says:

    @ MARK01986 that the server platform does not matter, the procedure, the Sami. Linux can be some complications with respect to permits issued. if so you just google the error log and you will see many F? currencies on how to find to fix it.

  4. MARK01986 says:

    Hey. . I doubt it. . . . I have installed a MySQL server with Susse. . . how can I connect to the database from Visual Basic. nice hanks

  5. elpeo1 says:

    as Shortc? pfung of fields (textbox) and databases? over a button, or if you are the q button (eg Save) in the IQ database stored in the text box what you nnten k? to plaintiff tion of this question please ?

  6. TheXploidbyte says:

    hi wanted to know if I aplicasion podiass Help in a Windows Forms that I camibie in the OCCURS year event administrator’s name as and when made you switch to another event suseda use thanks!

  7. TheXploidbyte says:

    injustement not tell me what I wanted to do it and you get

  8. elteklayt says:

    txt file is a database that is why there is no visual method for performing? currency is only task.The that option to the f file management features characteristic? r the programming language you use to operate.

  9. TheXploidbyte says:

    I have the link to a document. txt grax! enverdad I hope you k nnt? help me-

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