Aprende a Programar: Tutorial Visual Basic 2010: Introduccion

Mi introduccion a el lenguaje de visual basic, Visual Studio express lo pueden conseguir en www.microsoft.com La edicion professional gratis para estudiantes la pueden conseguir en www.dreamspark.com Recuerden suscribirse darle Like!! y hacer las preguntas que quieran, Para mas cosas de pc o tecnologia visiten www.tecnologia-pr.com

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7 Responses to Aprende a Programar: Tutorial Visual Basic 2010: Introduccion

  1. JosSeguin says:

    The video is very good, you say (:? I Begl you nsche CHC is very serious additional n f r those who do not understand very well all these computer software and good?!.

  2. TecnologiaPR says:

    @ ACUARIOH2O want to try at once, again

  3. ACUARIOH2O says:

    excellent tutorial served me very well. by the way I got to DreamSpark, I looked a week ago were on an e-mail to send my student account to the Professional version, install aim nots me anything, is this normal?

  4. ESTRADA685 says:

    Hello Friend Good tuturial f? R beginners to programming like me thanks

  5. rommelmendeztriana says:

    excellent. keep it friend. W re? Great to have a basic abzuschlie toutorial gardens. . . at least I like your Sch? learning process of

  6. ignacioserranotoledo says:

    I’m learning bueeeeenisimo Theys? Rgern squat if q has served me Maravila

  7. ro7stan says:

    CHVR M? Men, Taking longer follow tutorials. . . . . . help me very much

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