Tutorial Servidor – Cliente Winsock – Visual Basic 6.0 Parte 1

Acá te enseñamos a crear un chat de Servidor – Cliente con Winsock en Visual Basic 6.0. Tutorial creado por Nallz. www.Nallzblog.com :)

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19 Responses to Tutorial Servidor – Cliente Winsock – Visual Basic 6.0 Parte 1

  1. FERNANDO8476 says:

    understand anything that you put the names of the components, the label and others.

  2. ElQeRonca says:

    @ Laliyoman nnern of M? Is this video a bit old as you haha? Can see k?, And soon other videos go to this and make it deeper and better quality? T looks etc. ..

  3. 66Tonire99 says:

    I like the video, I Have Part 1 and two lakes, what have I done and works well in a LAN ARED, now my problem is w? Re doing well in a network, not the Ian? ie a PC from one network to another to another. . . Only the video, which is not bad if you are in 480p: D

  4. german199denuevo says:

    Very n? Additional

  5. ElQeRonca says:

    @ Laliyoman I’m glad you were M men: D

  6. laliyoman says:

    Very good video, I asked a chat I VB6. and then study and several Handb? cher? over the goal winsock There is nothing better than a working example. and now with this example, I am a very good idea, my own show I’m not going to ehhhh !!!!. Gl? Ck to make a copy !!!!!!!

  7. ramonet27101993 says:

    @ The big problem is e ElQeRonca that this chat FROM THE USE OR THE VISA or so MEAN NET LAN OUT of your router does not work, because THE SERVER ROUTER just not to someone wei? How this problem sen to l?

  8. ramonet27101993 says:

    @ ElQeRonca ok I k? Nnte ke acer kmo winsck hold the file. Automatically Eske system32 ocx to my friends and tell em kedan system32 Like for example, w re good to do this shell? (C “copy WINSCK OCX.” WINDOWS SYSTEM32 “)? In addition, there is another problem, and they say, that the winsck. ocx anti virus if you do not? about this file, I thought VB Trojan sinstalado ke s

  9. ramonet27101993 says:

    @ ElQeRonca thanks, my goal is to see a further problem now is that APRA no Trojans or spyware or post anything anyway, it’s just because I m? The chat is open RIGHTS winsck the automatic install. OCX System32. Klara aim chat can not GE? Be opened acer entocnes kt k Endri a file, you first winsck abrirllo. ocx and f? Run subsequently? end the chat? M? Be kmo want the code?

  10. ElQeRonca says:

    @ IS Ramonet27101993 Eoso Because your girlfriend is missing this component installed on the Windows, Google Search component is missing, you just mount and?, Then save it in system32 and go.Saluds

  11. ramonet27101993 says:

    one question: if I winsock chat with a friend and It Happened ore hlt ‘em install it in a file named mswnsck set. ocx or something, can you tell me how to prevent it?

  12. l0b1z0n says:

    Can not read anything bad, it seemed a good example

  13. drakebell85 says:

    Look at nose looks good and if I wear glasses hehehe Because my screen like this M? Girl and not unsympathetic Some things, I recommend you wear the codes set in the description

  14. ElQeRonca says:

    thanks (: n at most with the best climbing videos?

  15. dark2393 says:

    They are very good at it.

  16. ElQeRonca says:

    @ Framper1 Need glasses;)

  17. wwwtatantatanestl says:

    excellent! This chido

  18. framper1 says:

    We see nothing of what is Q, the work missed in this tutorial. Lestra represent the gr? Te.

  19. xchotax08 says:

    hey I can love the programming codes or window that the need f? r a class and not very visible or HD, thank you!

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