v26 Retro Hotel Erstellen!

HoloCMS 3.1 Download: www.megaupload.com v26 Holograph Emulator Download: www.megaupload.com ) Alles markieren, wens nicht als Link angezeigt wird ;) Xampp Download: www.megaupload.com Microsoft Visual C# (mit Framework, SQL Server, ADO) Download: www.megaupload.com MySQL Connector Net 5.2.5 Download: www.megaupload.com MySQL Connector ODBC 5.1 Download: www.megaupload.com ______________________________________________ WinRaR Wird Benötigt! – Download -: www.megaupload.com VIEL SPAß ! SOLLTE EIN LINK NICHT FUNCTIONIEREN, SCHREIBT MIR EINE PM DAN STELLE ICH EINEN NEUEN REIN ;)

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25 Responses to v26 Retro Hotel Erstellen!

  1. TheOzdek says:

    For me it is not installing php. .

  2. TheOzdek says:

    @ SulakeofHappo Then r? Install. .

  3. tubitube2010 says:

    TheNugatFreak @ r El: Oh, that w re so cool Boha * _ * be, but I find a very cool when S xdd super good and a passport? 100 people came, register D with me or send me fs narchicht send DO

  4. TheNugatFreak says:

    @ Tubitube2010Je not teamviever I can tell you:)

  5. Mastertrue55 says:

    Can anyone somehow not help the war: (

  6. Mercedesmoon32 says:

    I thank you with no manual that I did not try w? Authority (I mean the non-kram MSYQL or as we call it) Thanks again!

  7. tubitube2010 says:

    Who built V26 TeamViewer was also vying V26 * _ * and it w? Re tjah m skype need? F? R abprechen me?, Pls PM me to write, he k nne? Tr? R s good? Offset * __ * Admin tjah or g? r? directly from the properties? * Silence * ___

  8. JinClassHorror says:

    Yes, hello: D Problems with my Xmapp Parr, so I know how the man have to build a h such t? tr? s often so I do not want to go? ? Apache as an ex-embodiment:? ? R L and K’s recently Mysoqul l I can not now have problems I deleted my instalation parr xmapp again, but not couragemysql l the exe, so let me know what tuhen that: S?

  9. ashtheking100 says:

    Please let me say, as part husky t o? They r? gl? all

  10. MsMichistyler says:

    when I turn on nothing is r? Leave pls

  11. reper43 says:

    For me, it is localhost / install. php not lost and not found? Please enter the tr? Reply Hilfeeeee

  12. reper43 says:

    For me, it is localhost / install. php not? not subject gefundenht

  13. reper43 says:

    This is MuryGangsta @? ? ? Skype, you are connected;)

  14. CoolerBoy1232 says:

    xDDD thanks

  15. K0kAiNnZz says:

    German cool xD

  16. CoolerBoy1232 says:

    @ CoolerBoy1232 not understand

  17. CoolerBoy1232 says:

    or how it is: D

  18. CoolerBoy1232 says:

    Tomix me msn pls if you live ADDEL 2009sehmus1 @ hot. from Skype, if you pls: urgent sehmus13 up? phpmyadmin / Assembly understand the

  19. SulakeofHappo says:

    Hei du MSN Skype? K can tell me who want ^ ^ AddenSkype: toemeli13Msn: Tomislav @ hotmail. c.

  20. SulakeofHappo says:

    Tomix900er @ hm. . ?

  21. MuryGangsta says:

    @ Tomix900er Yes, I have Skype, but I have not used? all day? e. It is full? FULLY? Basement? Complexion, m? Me, if there are ic? Mini ties. Rating: Not yet! Please give me t help, I m RIGHTS? My own hours? Such (

  22. Tomix900er says:

    @ MuryGangsta first Vid? O2. The environment? localhost. php3. I =)

  23. Tomix900er says:

    @ SulakeofHappo Skype Exit: D

  24. Tomix900er says:

    @ MuryGangsta Thus Skype? ? Exit Skype then Dan M? De Apache can k? Change too?, But unfortunately further? I do not:) So just Ren Unlk Ter Skype?

  25. SulakeofHappo says:

    MuryGangsta @ f? R me is that m? Me if there [Port 80] The nerve -. -”Have you tried? PC [Vista] Do you dan net in XP (but? Also t? Tent? From net Lapi) k. Why a -. -”If you want to know what you Adden: Tomislav @ hotmail. c.

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