C# WPF tutorial 2: Media player (beginner)

in this tutorial we’ll be going over how to make a basic media player in WPF, with Play/Stop/Pause/Open functions. zombieteam.net To allow “Load” dialog to close without an error: replace “mediaElement1.Source = new Uri(ofd.FileName);” with this. try { mediaElement1.Source = new Uri(ofd.FileName); } catch { new NullReferenceException(“Error”); }

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  1. XSkullsGames says:

    @ Praveen7ky he info you can give me? Code? the error in line #? etcJe you can not help you with some information.

  2. praveen7k says:

    yes back, except I’m always

  3. XSkullsGames says:

    Praveen7kBien s @? R, which is the exact error? And, perhaps? According to his? S, the error code lev? E on?

  4. praveen7k says:

    w? While I an audio file will be rejected? not g? r? e Win32 exception occurred in WPF media player. vshost. exe “if you can u pla t the r? L? sen

  5. dashbyictfd says:

    I XSkullsGames v @? Rifi? Setting behavior loaded? it? still manual, which you made the vid? o but when I go to load and handpicked say music, it begins? play at once, do not follow pause and stop, what should be the actions that I look forward to? over the tutorial to see what I missed you.

  6. dashbyictfd says:

    @ Dashbyictfd Thank OK

  7. XSkullsGames says:

    @ Tt DashbyictfdJe’ll make a new tutorial for it!

  8. XSkullsGames says:

    @ DashbyictfdOk, try this. R Glez the “Loaded behavior? From? S? Sky-Reinforcing its estimation (Click on it and go to Properties Fair? S).” Manual. If you have a load m? Slideshow, click Play, Pause / rr t only work if you followed my code exactement.Lisez Description Load button to make a mistake, fixed.

  9. dashbyictfd says:

    XSkullsGames @ D? Ground? I said yes? I like the last Schaltfl? Mean surface? tion, the m? Slides from? loaded? Players pr s t? Invite you to n? Next title / image / video? o etcMerci

  10. dashbyictfd says:

    @ XSkullsGames Yeh pause and stop? T are not fuctioning, m? If I go? S code you have entered? If I open a file multimeric? Media? About these buttons break respectivley or district? ter.

  11. XSkullsGames says:

    @ Dashbyictfdmerci! Can you do that? S can write to the / pause are “of him? stop unexpectedly? I have a prototype multi-media player? slide with functionality? t? S standard have, and no problems? I Me? you missed something. And Upload, you mean a “Now Playing” or “Playlist”? if so? a will? in the new tutorial (Version adavanced) look like Thank you? my other.

  12. dashbyictfd says:

    It is a good guide and a little bit? Ambient kit? Au? It when I play something on the break and stop? Is not a PR job? Seen. K please nnten a Schaltfl? Che Add saws that? Shop f? R the m? Slides you ready? will be released? r? and k? can download the new media?

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