How to make a proper habbo retro [no debbo] [no hamachi]

Here are all download links: holo cms: winRar: MySQL: xampp: Microsoft Visual C#: TortoiseSVN: ————————————————————————– v23 dcrs link: ————————————————————————– local host link: localhost (remember to have Apache and MySQL running or it wont work) local host change password localhost local host admin: localhost ———————————————————————– dcrs for lazy people: External Texts field: External Variables field: Habbo DCR field: ———————————————– how to add the v23 dcrs to your retro: Installing your own dcr’s: 1. Download the V23 DCR’s in the link above. 2. Extract them to your Desktop. 3. Now you’ll have a folder on your desktop with the DCR files in it. 4. Make a folder in C:\xampp\htdocs\ and call it v23. 5. Put all the stuff in the map to the map you’ve created in htdocs. 6. Open external_variables.txt. 7. Search for: ”yourip” without quotes for some times untill you’ve got them all. 8. Change them to your ip, or your Hamachi IP. 9. Save. 10. Go to Housekeeping. 11. Go to Site & Content. 12. Fill everything in, it will look like this: External Texts field: OpenDNS External Variables field: OpenDNS Habbo DCR field

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25 Responses to How to make a proper habbo retro [no debbo] [no hamachi]

  1. LookThisWayPS3 says:

    See TutorialKingzz

  2. HeroicHotel says:

    it is not so difficult? do their fair f? r many ben downlaod it? transparent to a pack r mak? tro? this issue with evreything does not make it in the R? dry now, but so far with the exception of t easy? l? Shop

  3. HeroicHotel says:

    this is my only or i cnt choicee to bc debbo hublux Worek, etc. not to Vista?

  4. rahmanboy says:

    lol. H as PHPRetro and Ubercms is simple. HoloCMS, we need to m? Do it, do so.

  5. bastas09 says:

    It is really easy !!!!!

  6. DirtAndStreetJuniors says:

    I can not find the website and the content in no. 47

  7. MrPippy1998 says:

    Willu Please give me a t r? Habbo retro u can k? Be co Wertsch? Estimation? Silence and I will subscribe if you pla t

  8. pontu007 says:

    We need t? l? Weight of all the Internet

  9. themokid112 says:

    Mortatcks go? then wwwthehabbosorg dowbloads cms then the other? You

  10. 123maymie says:

    @ Habbtrillion ok thanks, it w? Re a big thanks to ash? N many people!

  11. clarkkent190 says:

    ? Participate I am? PM me as I am? academic staff (hamachi)

  12. CoDskillzZ says:

    What file to use them. Initial registration or free, or that one.

  13. Mortacks says:

    Holo CMS file is everything? plz help me

  14. habbtrillion says:

    123maymie @ If you ben using? Sighted send me a Clock, in pretty good so ill make it free!

  15. habbtrillion says:

    lolypopjeee @ Not really that bad actaully, I think it’s easy!

  16. relace1337 says:


  17. RisenHD says:

    I Can not See My Son “Person” Making Me Mad How can I correct it?

  18. MebeBrand3n says:

    Habbo Ring Game @ Thumbs up: (

  19. MebeBrand3n says:

    Looks hard: (

  20. 123maymie says:

    If anyone can give me a Holo Cms Habbo Retro I give you $ 10 Thanks

  21. jasharna says:

    Visual C # foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever? t? l? Last

  22. jwatsonjordan says:

    @ They personly woodnt i t Habbo Ring Game? S upload coz if u with Cort Progemes the punishment are now as 5000 DOLLERS and 5 years in the container? Ngnis

  23. crabmaniac1 says:

    Sulake trying to find Links of t? L? Load and inject all m? Adjusted error in the t? L? Loads. Sulake are verry rich they can do k? Something.

  24. habbtrillion says:

    People who see this, you first xampp 7. 1 because of the s? SAFETY? F? R any mistakes!

  25. habbtrillion says:

    @ Crabmaniac1 HoloCMS yes a lot of mistakes, as opposed to PHPRetro which is much more stable h? Shepherd!

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