Visual Basic 2008 Tutorials: Part Nine – Progressbar

Its not just about progress bar, its about prank viruses too! Another video tutorial about visual basic 2008 Comment, Rate & Subscribe. Thanks!

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25 Responses to Visual Basic 2008 Tutorials: Part Nine – Progressbar

  1. Daichi1337 says:

    1st Respiratory arrest in the micro tant2. Stop saying ‘K’ so much.

  2. jointhe4ce says:

    Fuck that St. MIC set! Clicks fucking random time

  3. yomammav2s says:

    TextBox1. text = “Fuck It” and then the end lmao

  4. kaedynbug says:

    Hey How do you get that Little Picture By Your Videos?

  5. Wookieex3 says:

    You can prevent users open the Task Manager

  6. appahtotre says:

    Maybe you like the “no closing form” back to make the dialog box: D

  7. VisualBasicGeek2010 says:

    @ Spiroslouis1 If you have a button that would return to Form1, and the code goes: Form1. show () Form1. TextBox1. e claireOu on close event of Form1, you could mettreForm1. box. claireHope this helps

  8. MrJuuh198 says:

    n00b ~

  9. matthewdriftking says:

    Nice does. . . . (Sub) to

  10. soupman2060 says:

    “Oh my God,” What a FAG

  11. robogammer360 says:

    thankz great vid helped me a lot. . . . .

  12. bfoster15no2 says:

    TextBox1. Text = “” and TextBox2. Text = “”

  13. IIMrBrightside says:

    Lol. . . the only thing that helps is the diary: D

  14. spiroslouis1 says:

    Very nice! I want to know something. I have Form1 and Form2. In Form1 I have to go a text box with a password and a button to Form2 me. How can I back to Form1, but the text box is empty? How do I clean I use Form1 as the first time? Thank you

  15. cotwild says:

    Slow. .

  16. austiy12345 says:

    it says, is not a declared therandom 06:05

  17. austiy12345 says:

    How did you come to that was a mistake not shown box

  18. SergenteMaggHartman says:

    instead of Timer1. Enabled = False use Timer1. Stop.

  19. Leandro1021DX says:

    I regret the use of databases

  20. DValdreann says:

    Nice vid, you know how to save the image to an Access 2007 database. please help

  21. Leandro1021DX says:

    @ Tungruffel months and I do not program in C + + vbonly), but google research)

  22. tungruffel says:

    Can someone tell me how to randomize the increased progress bar? Plz!

  23. CodyDV1 says:

    It would be good if the microphone is not taken the teeth every 5 seconds.

  24. 126644 says:

    So myform2 Form2myform2 = new Form2myform2. show () me. Hide ()

  25. BensonMam07 says:

    This is a real pain to watch your video. You can be filled with excitement, your stupid comments and the fact that you do not have a good concept man with 90% of the video that you see on correcting the mistakes you made. Is a very bad guide. Sorry, but this is a no-go!

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