PHP generally stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is basically a server side scripting language, which is permitted the web developers for generating dynamic content to interrelate with database. PHP is a scripting language just like Active Server Pages. This language is mainly made use to generate web based software application. One thing is true that, PHP can fetch data from any databases like; Oracle, Sybase, Solid, MySQL, Informix and Generic Open database connectivity. The downloading of this software is totally free. PHP could generate HTML output in order to download the web browser.

PHP can be also embedded and routed in HTML pages which are saved with an extension of .php. After that the PHP sector of pages are then parsed on the server by the PHP engine and then PHP code is removed out early before the pages are downloading to the web browser. If PHP is fixed with tags, the creator could move about between HTML and PHP inspire of making use of a hefty number of codes. One thing is that, PHP is carried out and consummate on server, the codes are invisible to the spectators. PHP programming style is well matched with the CGI programming style with different kinds of databases.

PHP is quite easy to understand and it’s also easiest to learn. In fact PHP has the capability to run several platforms, which is the main advantage of PHP. It is well suited with all severs like IIS as well as Apache, which is normally used. PHP is healthy and good programming language which is akin to ASP. Yes, the main difference is that, it runs on UNIX servers instead of windows based servers.

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