Make Visualization Easy To Remove Intrusive Thoughts And Anxieties

Exercising visualization frequently will help in removing deep-seated mental anxieties or intrusive thoughts. You are basically clearing all the mental stress, tension and anxious thoughts after doing the visualization. Every session should last longer than 10 minutes or more in order to achieve the noticeable effects.

If you are just a armature, a quiet venue should be selected to practice visualization in order to avoid any disturbances although some experienced followers have no problem in achieving the same results if do it in a busier locations. The final goal of doing this is to achieve calming effect followed by a sensation of mental release and relaxation.

First of all, close you eyes and focus on your breath. Place one hand still on your upper chest and another hand on your stomach. Allow your stomach rise as you breathe in and fall back gently when you breathe out. This is called diaphragmatic breathing and you got to do it slowly and naturally at a steady pattern and pace.

Now start to give a short pause in between inhaling and exhaling only after you reach to a very comfortable state of mind. In the nutshell, count one to three when you breathe in, pause, count one to three when you breathe out. You should be able to free yourself from any intrusive thoughts if you follow this closely.

Try to picture the base of your feet and visualize roots growing gradually out through your soles and down to earth. The roots start to gain growing speed and now they are reaching into the soil of the earth. You are rooted firmly to the earth like a large oak or redwood tree.

There is a cloud of bright light forming way above you. A bolt of lighting from the luminous cloud hits the crown of your head, and ignites a band of bright white light going down slowly from your head and out past your toes. This band of light clear your state of mind when it passes over your each part of you. Now all the stresses and worries are removed. Repeat this steps until you achieve a complete relaxation and feel refreshing.

You are now standing under a large luminescent waterfall. You can clearly see the water is radiant and bubbling with vitality and life. The water runs over every part of your body and soothing you and instilling within you a sense of deep calm. Open your mouth and try to taste the water and it is very refreshing. The water washes away all your stresses and anxieties.

Do this visualization as real as possible and hear the sound if makes as it splashes over you. A lot of people are benefited from this simple technique to relieving their stresses. Besides, you can opt to be in any situation or location where you feel more relax and clam.

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