Advanced Message Box – Visual Basic 6 tutorial

Code: Dim warning As Integer warning = MsgBox(“Do you really want to remove the evil virus?”, vbCritical + vbYesNo, “WARNING!!!”) If warning = vbYes Then Text1.Text = “The virus has been removed” Else Text1.Text = “The virus is still harming your computer!!!” End If __

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25 Responses to Advanced Message Box – Visual Basic 6 tutorial

  1. GooBeyond says:

    Thank you very much, it’s useful:)

  2. teenawa says:

    okey, u i live skin. Bundle

  3. OnlyInNaziGermany says:


  4. chris76367 says:

    how to

  5. hunhistory says:

    lol. You agree that you are primitive. . .

  6. OnlyInNaziGermany says:

    Ha ha, only prove my point

  7. hunhistory says:

    I always have about how some people can be as primitive laugh: D

  8. OnlyInNaziGermany says:

    Hey mothers fucking typing your money. To skin me alive, I dare you.

  9. D4RKJ3SUSHAX says:


  10. chris76367 says:

    How do you get “new project”?

  11. joe95SP1 says:

    Music too loud

  12. Namek182 says:

    good tutorial, easy to understand to do simple: P

  13. iMGamingLive says:

    Whats the music called

  14. amasaed says:

    Thanks man

  15. 4499marut says:

    Thank you dear, good informationu

  16. MrSwatteam18 says:

    What is the song?

  17. animals74 says:

    dude u scared me when I copy paste the thing in my notebook! U really scared me: (

  18. Widetransport says:

    009 Sound System – DreamscapeUne friendly YouTuber said. . .

  19. delemex says:

    wats the song?

  20. SickMyDuckFilms says:

    Cool, would I like to add several steps in this Quétel that if the user would u yes, it will be like ceChargement.Chargement. . Loading. . . And far too error messages when you click No: P

  21. albarren11 says:

    Make a label and this place: Private Sub Form_Load () As Integer Dim alerteavertissement = MsgBox (“found a virus on your PC – Do you want to delete this?”, VbCritical + vbYesNoCancel, “Danger!”) If warning = vbYes Alorsavertissement = MsgBox (“Virus Deleted” vbAceptar “virus removed!”) of autreLabel1 = “Your computer has a virus. “Ifend End Sub

  22. higybigy says:

    Cool I really wanted to know how todo this tutorial ^ ^ Thanks! (Great Stuff, as you explained)

  23. CreativeFilmPictures says:

    Thank you if you were Norwegian ^ ^

  24. xzeater666x says:

    do this and it seems more a esyOH YEAH, I made an account on YouTube indicate when it would be someone as a “hack, please do not abuse” (also freeze video xD) Warning Sun Ace Integeravertissement = MsgBox (“Do you want to delete really bad with the virus ? “, vbYesNo + vbCritical,” Warning !!!”) If warning = vbYes AlorsButton1. Visible = falseTexte1. Text = “The virus has been removed” On autreButton1. Text = “Your Fucked xD” Button1. Visible = FalseTexte1. Text = “The virus is still Fucking your computer!” End If

  25. LedZeppelinForever13 says:

    very confusing.

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