Free Fake Hits and Ad Clicker Bot Download

Instant Hits & Ad Clicker 1.3



1. Enter a Url that you want hits or clicks on.

2. Enter in a list of proxies, either your own or use the Grab proxies script. If no proxies are entered in the box, or if they are deleted proxies is automatically turned off.

3. Choose how many times you want the proxy list to loop. Loops are based on the amount of proxies… If you have 10 proxies you will get 10 hits to your site. To add more hits with the same proxies use the “How Many Loops” list.

4. Click Element By Id is how you choose to click your links. For most sites you can use “Text” and you should have no problems. Just copy the text of the hyperlink and paste it in the ” Wait for/ Click What?” text box.

5. “Wait for/ Click What?” is where you input the text you want clicked, or what you want the bot to search the page for when using the “Wait for element” feature.

6. Page Load Controls is set to wait for page to load by default. But you can change it to Wait for element if the page never finishes loading because of a script or whatever. If you use the wait for element make sure to also use the

Wait for/Click What? text box, so that the bot knows what it is to wait for.

7. Enter Minimum & Maximum Value is used to randomized your delays. Make sure to also check the Randomize Delay box.

8. Enable/Disable Clicker is to either run the bot as a hits generator, or to enable the clicker and make money from fake traffic, lol!

Clicking ads should be fine, but don’t even think about using this on adsense ads, because you will get banned. Google is way to smart for you to get away with it.

Important Tip: Don’t leave any spaces in your proxy list. Hits & Ad Clicker 1.3.exe
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