Low error on cross-validation, but high on test using xgboost on multi classification task

When I run CV I get test mlogloss about 0.3. When using same parameters to predict on I get only 3.2 (this kaggle score) – which is a bit off I think.

My first idea was that maybe I treated train and test differently. I looked over it many times so I ask you if something with my xgboost is wrong.

Target is column, that contains such values: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 – each of them I would like to predict (5 classes).

X_fit, X_eval, y_fit, y_eval= train_test_split(
    train, target, test_size=0.15, random_state=1
#training model
clf = xgb.XGBClassifier(max_depth=4, missing=np.NAN,
                        n_estimators=500, learning_rate=0.05,
                        subsample=1, colsample_bytree=0.9, seed=2100,objective= 'multi:softprob')

clf.fit(X_fit, y_fit, early_stopping_rounds=35,  eval_metric="mlogloss", eval_set=[(X_eval, y_eval)])

k = clf.predict_proba(test)  #contains 11k rows, 5 columns - seems to be fine.

This is the link to data and competition.

This is the link to my full code.

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Django simulate user connected through command line

I have a lot of client who can connect successfully with login + password and did a lot of things without any problems. But I have 5 clients who managed to do strange things and now they have some problems when they go to some URLs.

Of course I dont have their password (and I dont want them). So I need a way to login like if I were them, five times, to see what’s happening with their account. I may have to do this again many times in the future. I didn’t find anything on google which could allow me via command line or whatever to login as a specific user easily.

Is there something around like this?

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Hide show only one 5 classes using 1 function with out conflict.

Hide show only one 5 classes using 1 function with out conflict..Conflict is what I have can some one help delete the conflict please..Thank You !

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Android | binding to an isolated process?

I have defined a service as follows:

        android:exported="false" />

and when i am trying to bind to this service from my application, i’m getting:

ClassNotFoundException: com.Application.MainApplication

I am getting this error when i’m calling this:

Intent i = new Intent(this, isolatedService.class);
bindService(i, mConnection, BIND_AUTO_CREATE);

What am i doing wrong? can’t we bind to a process that is isolated?

Is there any other way to run some code in a no permission enviroment?

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OOO 91=9685568869 husband wife problem solution MOLVI JI Srinagar uae


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