3 tier Architecture using EF5 with Database-first approch in MVC 4

I am new to MVC and EF.
I use to follow 3 tier architecture before with asp.net with BO,BLL,DAL,UI(asp.net webform).

I want to follow same with MVC4 in UI layer, in replace of webform.

I have generated my entity from database in DAL but now I am confused what is the use of BO layer now ?
Because all my entity are in DAL layer itself.

Also I will create Viewmodel classes in model folder so don’t know how the flow will go now.

I am confused about the architecture now, please suggest if I am doing it correct or not, or is there any different approach I have to take for best practice,

PS: I don’t wanna use single layer in my project. I think EF save our time by creating BO classes and enable sp used as functions and we don’t have to use Ado.net repetitive code again and again.

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Zen Garden

Hi everyone!

I have a school project where I need to work with the Zen Garden files. For those of you don’t know, it’s a site where you visit it, then download the sample HTML and CSS files, then try to change the look of the website without touching the HTML page at all. The only thing you can…

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Hello, all. I’m here to learn.

I was thinking I could start by subscribing to Rogue labs, since I’m already familiar with PTC/GPT/etc sites, and run them on a local VM to make sure everything’s running solid. Then I’d try migrating it to a VPS, and familiarize myself with the VPS. After that pays for itself and then some, I’d start figuring out traffic exchange and put that on another VPS, then multiply them.

But it’s just a thought. I have no idea what I’m doing. :p

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What is the use of . htaccess file and how to make it?

Hi All !! What is the use of .htaccess file and how to make it? please suggest me the steps for making .htaccess file.

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shortcut for HTML tags in Eclipse

Is there any shortcut to enter HTML tags in Eclipse (I use Eclipse Neon) so that inputs like these followed by a key (like TAB):



<div class="myclass myotherclass"></div>
<article id="main" class="paragraph"></article>

like happens in other IDE’s like Webstorm, PHPStorm and so on.

I’m also interested in autoclosing tags, and autocoversion of closing tag if I change the opening tag element and viceversa.

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